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Customers often ask me how they should best prepare for their newborn photoshoot. Well... here are my top tips for having a successful photoshoot session with your gorgeous newborn baby!

1.What's your style?

Different parents will prefer different styles of newborn photoshoot. You may favour images of baby posed with props, wrapped up, or perhaps undressed on a posing beanbag in traditional newborn sleepy photoshoot curled up poses. However, you may want baby to be unposed or awake, or to focus on sibling/family images. Another option to consider is taking natural outdoor images, which is something I can offer at my studio, weather permitting!

Think about this before your photoshoot session and let me know beforehand whether you have any particular poses/styles in mind, so that we can priotise your favourite image styles during your shoot.

2. Colours...!

Ultimately, nearly all of my customers will be looking to display some of the images captured during their newborn photoshoot on their walls at their homes. Therefore, it is always a good idea to think about what colours to use during the shoot. That way you know that they will match your interiors, or the homes of anyone else you will be giving pictures to as gifts.

3. What age?

Ideally, newborn photoshoots should be carried out before babies are 14 days old. After this age, babies tend to become more alert and it is more difficult to obtain the classic sleepy newborn poses that most of my customers want. However, sometimes it is not possible for shoots to go ahead during this time, such as when babies have been too unwell for sessions to happen earlier. If this is the case, and babies come in older, it might be possible to get sleepy poses, but it could be alote more difficult.

4. Sleep

If possible, it is preferable if baby is awake for 1-2 hours before their photoshoot so that they are sleepy during their session. However, this is not always possible to achieve!

5. Feeding

Sessions work well if baby has a feed either right before their photoshoot session or on arrival at the studio for the shoot. It can work quite well if you arrive, undress baby and then feed them to settle them whilst we have time to discuss how the shoot will run and what image styles we will be starting with.

6. Food to avoid

If you are breastfeeding your baby then I recommend that you avoid spicy food before the photoshoot! Spicy food can cause the baby to be gassy and unsettled, making posing difficult.

7. If baby uses a dummy...

If your baby uses a dummy, then please bring this along to your sessions, as it can be useful to settle the baby.

8. Siblings

Most people who have an elder child will wish to bring them to the newborn photoshoot to include in some of the images. Depending on the age of the child, it can be hard to predict how this will go! With younger siblings, it is possible that they may not want to play ball and so it is best to manage your expectations of your child in this regard as they may have a bad day and not want to partake.

I do keep some toys at the studio, to help distract the younger siblings whilst they are waiting for baby's photos to be done, as this may take a while!

I would recommend that parents bring snacks for their little ones, and a change of clothes just in case anything happens to their outfit and they are needed for a photo.

It is best if you try and prepare your child for where they are going and what they will be doing, so that they feel more comfortable when they arrive.

I have found that when siblings are feeling uncomfortable or nervous in the studio it is a good idea for us to pop outside and do some images in the woodland, garden or meadow, as little ones often find this more casual and less daunting.

9. Outfits

If you would like to be included in some images then it is best to think about in advance what you would like to wear in the pictures.

I would recommend firstly that you bring a second, spare outfit! This is because baby may have an accident and you may find your first outfit gets dirty!

Secondly I recommend that you avoid wearing anything that has a slogan or picture on it, as this will date. Also, avoid anything that has too much of a pattern on it, as this can be distracting.

It is best to wear simple, plain colours and to keep the family all wearing clothing that is on the same colour palette.

For further advice on clothing please message me prior to your shoot.

10. Any concerns...

If there are any issues concerning the health of your newborn, then please let me know before the shoot so that the session can be appropriately tailored to suit your baby's needs.

For instance, please advise me if your baby has colic or any issues with their hips, which could affect posing of the baby and their comfort during the shoot.

11. Sickness

If you, or anyone who will be attending the photoshoot is unwell, please advise me of this before the shoot.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to go ahead with the shoot if anyone is suffering from a contagious illness such as conjunctivitis or a stomach bug. However, we will rearrange the shoot for as soon as is possible once everyone is well again. I would be unable to do the shoot due to the fact i that I photograph young babies and children regularly and i I cannot risk passing on any illnesses to them.

If I were to become ill before the photoshoot session, I would also message you to rearrange the session at your earliest convenience, as Iwould not want to pass anything on to your baby.

12. Special requests

I often get asked to create an image that is personalised to the family, such as the baby in their parent's police hat, or dressed as Mum or Dad's favourite superhero or animal, such as bear or fox. If this is the case, please let me know in good time in advance of your shoot and I can plan and think about how best to achieve this fun image for you! I am always happy to try and create a personalised image of a baby. I really enjoy creating something abit different.

A nice way of doing this can also be to include a family pet! This is something that I have done numerous timesand can be very good fun, although sometimes it is tough combining newborns and animals!

13. Any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns at all before your newborn shoot please let me know and I will be happy to discuss any issue!

Newborn shoots are great fun and are the perfect way to catch images of your baby whilst they are still a tiny newborn, that you, and they, will treasure forever.


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